Jason Dowty

Brand new song “Somebody Like That” now available to stream or download!

As a former member of the Blackground/Virgin records vocal group, Outsiderz 4 Life, Jason Dowty has worked with producers and artists like Aaliyah, Static Major, Teddy Riley, and Timbaland just to name a few. If you like what you hear, subscribe and get a free gift in your inbox!

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IdkY Lyric Video!

Watch the official “Idky” lyric video by clicking the link above.

IdkY – Writing Session

In this video Jason explains the concept to one of his new songs “IdkY” and gives us a preview. (click link above)

Jason explains “Love Again”

In this video, Jason explains how he came up with the concept for “Love Again” and why it was important for him to write it. (Click the link above)

Download or stream “Somebody Like That”!

Download or stream IdkY here!

Spotify? Apple Music? Whatever your music platform, you can find it here.

Click to download “Truth” for FREE!!

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